Matisse Structure Acrylic Cobalt Teal 75ml


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Cobalt Teal is a true turquoise color much like the gemstone. There are many other colors available now that are called turquoise because we tend to apply it to any color midway between green and blue but only Cobalt Teal is like the original color used by the ancient Egyptians. Unlike those ancient people, however, who never mixed the color with any other pigment but used it pure, the modern artist is liberated to used this color to its full potential and it is very useful, especially for making greens but it has a couple of additional surprises up its sleeve.


Chemical Description: Oxides of nickel, cobalt & titanium


Pigment Numbers: PG50


Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I


Pigment Opacity: Opaque


Paint Opacity: Opaque


Series 5