Matisse Structure Acrylic Cobalt Turquoise 250ml



Like its closely related cousin, Cerulean Blue PB36, Cobalt Turquoise is a compound of cobalt and chromium. it is related to the chromium coloring agent that gives emeralds their beautiful green color. The pigment is made in several different shades from a very greenish turquoise to the darker and more blue shade used by Matisse. It is valued particularly by maritime painters since seawater so often exhibits these sorts of greenish blue colors and the deep blue shade of Cobalt Turquoise is very similar to the colors in the deep ocean. Matisse Cobalt Turquoise is also particularly good for the landscape artist. The color is very adaptable to the blue greens of eucalyptus leaves and for distant hills. Portrait and figure artists also like these sort of color since these sorts of colors are often found in textiles and other man made objects.


Chemical Description: Oxides of cobalt aluminium & chromium

Pigment Numbers: PB36

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Opaque

Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Series 4