Studio Knife The Ladd


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Sustainably crafted and thoughtfully designed to spark joy, express artistic intention, and support a lifetime of painting. Gamblin believe a tool should make artists want to pick it up. And they believe the correct tool should be within every artist’s reach. These knives are designed with that in mind.

The Blades
The FlexSteel™ blade is a one-piece, non-reflective carbon steel blade that means no more blades that break-off or coatings that flake off. The blades provide even tension and flexibility for oils, acrylic, and gouache. They wipe clean with Gamsol, soap and water, or safflower oil.

The Handles
As part of the Gamblin Brand Promise, they are committed to being kind to the planet. To use plastic for the handles was not an option. Bottom line, these knives feel good in the hand and they feel even better knowing they’re sustainable and well-made. Each handle is hand-crafted from FSC Certified (AKA sustainably forested) wood. The ergonomic shape fits in both the left and right palm of the hand. Designed for adult hands so they’re visibly heftier than the mass-produced painting knives yet every bit as lightweight.