Stonehenge 250gsm Colours Drawing Pad 9×12″


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A flawless vellum surface makes this paper ideal for etching, screen printing, embossing, drawing and painting with pastels, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, and watercolour. Stonehenge is a versatile and popular paper, machine made of 100% cotton rag, buffered and acid free. It has an excellent even, rather soft surface with slight tooth and a fine even grain. Stonehenge is an affordable paper with excellent archival qualities at a machine-made price. Now it is more practical than ever in these convenient pads. They’re perfect for traveling and onsite drawing. The Stonehenge Multi colour pads contain three sheets each of five Stonehenge colours, including warm white, natural, cream, fawn and pearl grey, so artists can flip to the desired colour as needed.