Softaqua 915 Flat #12


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Raphael has developed another exceptional synthetic (immitation squirrel) fiber that offers retention capacity equal to no other. The wavy ondulating shape of the fiber creates spaces which hold the water molecules – in contrast with conventional synthetic fibers which are straight and slippery. This is why the new Softaqua brushes can hold twice as much color thanks to these innovative wavy fibers. They allow extended painting without having to return to the palette.

Softaqua comes in 3 brush shapes : a Quill, a round and a flat brush. The fine tip of the quill and of the round brush is specifically tailored for thin lines and detailed work, while its belly provides an excellent reservoir for water and color. The flat brush is suitable for backgrounds and solid areas, as well as allowing contouring for edges. These brushes snap perfectly back into their shape after each use; their soft hairs have excellent resistance.

 Softaqua brushes are excellent for watercolors, inks, gouache, tempera, thin acrylic and silk painting.

Diameter: 12mm

Length Out: 15mm