Oak Galls 500g



Oak Gall
Quercus Infectoria

Aleppo white gallnuts. High gallo-tannic content.
Natural dye for producing black and grey colours.
Makes traditional Iron Gall drawing ink when admixed with Ferrous Sulphate. 

Excellent source of tannin for use in natural dyeing with the use of mordants.  
Does not impart a strong colour to the fabric by itself. Oak gallnut helps you to create very sharp shades of any colour by assisting a mordant to bind to cellulose fibres.  

Oak Galls are made when wasps lay their eggs in developing leaf buds of the oak tree. The galls act as protection for the wasp larvae until they undergo metamorphosis into adults.
White Oak Galls are harvested during the summer months after the wasps have hatched and left the galls.
After picking, the gallnuts are dried for at least two months before packing.