Matisse Structure Acrylic Transparent Red Oxide 250ml


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Transparent Red Oxide has the perfect hue that could easily replace Burnt Sienna in the palette, but there is sufficient difference between the two that it is preferable to use both colors. While Burnt Sienna lacks the clean glow of Transparent Red Oxide; it has an attractive brownish mass tone that is ideally suited to the landscape. The precise way that Transparent Red Oxide differs from Burnt sienna can be seen as soon as it is put onto white canvas without mixing it with another colour. It has a darker mass tone that Burnt Sienna while the undertone is lighter, cleaner, and more of a true orange-red. It should be generally noted that in mixtures with opaque pigments such as Titanium White or Unbleached Titanium it behaves much like Burnt Sienna, but in mixtures with very transparent pigments such as Primary Red its very clean transparent undertone makes for jewel-like brilliance of colour, which can be very beautiful. Artists tend to be very attracted to beautiful colours but Transparent Red Oxide is not just a pretty face. Like Burnt Sienna it is an ideal colour for working with flesh tones to make them a little warmer in a gentle sort of way, or to modify other earth colors when painting landscapes. When used to soften greens, its great transparency works very well with the very transparent green pigments such as Matisse Emerald or Phthalo Green and creates greens of great beauty as well as permanence.


Chemical Description: Trans synthetic yellow oxide

Pigment Number: PR101

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Transparent

Paint Opacity: Transparent

Series 3