Matisse Structure Acrylic Raw Umber 250ml


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Raw Umber derives its name from the Latin term Umbra (shadow) and from the fact that it was originally sourced from the region of Umbria in the central mountains of Italy, although it is a very common clay type which is found all over the world. Cyprus is the most important source for high quality pigments for artists at the present time. It is considered the best because the umber there has a portion of yellow oxides mixed with manganese oxides and these two in combination give the pleasing greenish tone that artists like. Perhaps because Turkey was historically associated with rich and exotic colours (the country’s name is derived from the colour and gemstone Turquoise), this umber from Cyprus is often called Turkish in the pigment industry. Raw Umber is used by the artist for cool dark browns but most of the Raw Umber produced is destined for production of Burnt Umber.


Chemical Description: Natural iron oxide containing manganese

Pigment Number: PBr7 

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Series 1