Matisse Structure Acrylic Naples Yellow Light 75ml


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Matisse Naples Yellow Light is a non-toxic mixture of white with ochre and Deep Yellow. Matisse Naples Yellow Light  is an opaque rich cream color that owes its popularity to its versatility as a lightener. Over-use of pure white to lighten a color can drain a color of much of its vitality and in some cases, such as reds, it can completely alter the color. Thus, reds become pinks when white is added. For this reason a wise artist uses white as the lightener of as a last resort and instead tries to lighten colors by first using a color which is lighter, nearby on the color wheel, and yet retains a richness of color. Thus Naples yellow is very useful for lightening ochres, yellows, oranges, and yellowish reds. Mixed with a scarlet it makes beautiful salmony like colors equally useful in skin colors and sunset skies. Mixed with blues it can produce the soft greens found in many trees, especially where sunlight is on the foliage. This versatility has made it a popular artist’s choice for millennia.


Chemical Description: Blend Titanium dioxide, synthetic Iron oxide, Diarylide yellow


Pigment Numbers: PW6 PY42 PY83


Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I


Pigment Opacity: Opaque


Paint Opacity: Opaque


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