Matisse Structure Acrylic Dioxazine Purple 75ml


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Dioxazine is the original violet color that came out in the earliest acrylic paint ranges. It is a deep clean, and very dark violet colour that is well liked by artists. It is also known as  carbazole violet, both names refer to the same pigment. It is closely related chemically to the pyrrole pigments. It is manufactured in huge quantities and its use in artists paints is only a tiny portion of its story as a color. Because it’s base dye is such a strong and staining  is often used highly concentrated and in this form it looks black and is often sold labeled as black indian ink. This is especially true of the cheaper inks purchased in news agency’s and similar places In acrylics the color is formulated to create the clean violet color that is most desired by artists.


Chemical Description: Carbazole dioxazine


Pigment Number: PV23


Lightfastness Rating: ASTM II


Pigment Opacity: Transparent


Paint Opacity: Transparent


Series 3