Matisse Structure Acrylic Burgundy 75ml


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Burgundy is a surprising color. It is easy to think of it for making burgundy types of dark leathery reds, but it also likes to play with other colors. Mixing it with Australian Ghost Gum is not the first thing many artists would think of but that combination produces dusky colors that are gorgeous. The red components in the Burgundy show in these dusky colors as a beautiful pinkish undertone. These dusky colors are perfect for exploring the colors in the bark of gum trees, or the light in summer afternoons in the country. On a hot day there might be inky violet shadows in crevices and burgundy mixed with Ultramarine Blue can make those sorts of violets. Dark violets made with Burgundy and Ultramarine are full of dark mysteries and hidden depths. On the other hand mixing with Cerulean Blue produces a very different result. Now the blues are soft and gentle, suited to the wildflowers and distant hills. Blues like this are also the sorts of blues that are found in skies as the sun disappears over the horizon and the sky starts to darken toward night and loses the intensity of daytime blue.


Chemical Description: Blend Quinacridone, Naphthol carbamide & Carbon black


Pigment Numbers: PR122 PR170 PBk7


Lightfastness Rating: ASTM II


Pigment Opacity: Transparent


Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent


Series 2