Matisse Structure Acrylic Australian Sienna 250ml


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Artists in the inland regions of Australia had a problem for many years. Many of the colors produced by northern hemisphere paint manufacturers are aimed at the softer light of Europe and other cool regions of their continent. The extraordinary light in more exotic and warmer regions such as North Africa, the American Midwest, and much of Australia gives the landscape a remarkable luminosity. The sky can be almost pure cobalt and the earth is alive with luminous reds, oranges and yellows. Photographs of places like Kakadu show rocks that are an extraordinarily bright orange. Transparent yellow, red and umber oxides were ideal for many of these colors but there was a need for a transparent sienna color as well to get that Kakadu-like orange. As no pigment had the precise requirements Matisse was hearing from artists in the field, their color specialists created this unique blend known as Australian Sienna. It has an earthy orange mass tone with a golden undertone that perfectly captures the enriched sienna type colors in arid regions.


Chemical Description: Blend Diarylide yellow and iron oxides

Pigment Numbers: PY83 PR101 PY42

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Paint Opacity: Transparent

Series 3