Matisse Structure Acrylic Australian Red Violet 250ml


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The pigment is a very deep red violet version of quinacridone. This pigment is remarkable for the many different shades that result from chemists making small adjustments to the molecule and varying the manufacturing process slightly. This is very fortunate since not all pigments are capable of such variety of color. It is amongst the most permanent colors on the palette and is rated ASTM I which means it is lightfast even in the palest of tints. It is semi-transparent which means it has more body than most other quinacridone pigments.

Australian Red Violet is very suitable for use as a general violet in all techniques. Mixed with Ultramarine Blue it makes deep violets and purples that are more light resistant than Dioxazine Purple, just as useful, and full of the variety that a mixed violet is capable of.


Chemical Description: Quinacridone 

Pigment Number: PV19

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Transparent

Paint Opacity: Semi-Transparent

Series 6