Matisse Structure Acrylic Australian Blue Gum 250ml


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Australian Blue Gum is a delightful pale greenish blue color that is a blend of white, Phthalo Blue, and a touch of black. It has a subdued and very gentle quality about the color that is very calming. It is a mistake to think that this color exactly matches the color of the leaves of blue gum trees, although it is similar, but by being slightly more blue than the leaves actually are gives the color the flexibility to depict gum trees in all kinds of light and weather, and also allows the color to be useful for skies and seascapes and more imaginative works.


Chemical Description: Titanium dioxide, Phthalocyanine blue & amorphous carbon 

Pigment Numbers: PW6 PB15.3 PBk9

Lightfastness Rating: ASTM I

Pigment Opacity: Opaque

Paint Opacity: Opaque

Series 2