Matisse Structure Acrylic Antique White 75ml


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Originally introduced to meet the needs of folk artists who preferred a creamy off-white for many projects this soft white also fills a need for fine artists as well. Often Titanium White is a little more pure of a white than is ideal in a painting. In the old master period that would never have been a problem since all colors were made in the studio fresh daily. It was easy for the master to call out to the apprentice making the paint to cut it with a touch of ochre. Now that we simply buy ready made paints artists are often given little choice than to buy a pure white.


Chemical Description: Blend Titanium dioxide, synthetic hydrated Iron oxide & natural Iron oxide


Pigment Numbers: PW6 PY42


Lightfastness Rating; ASTM I


Pigment Opacity: Opaque


Paint Opacity: Opaque


Series 1