Herbin Fountain Pen with Ink Converter


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Herbin ink is famous worldwide for its quality, cleanliness and amazing colour range. One of the best ways to use that great colour range is with this fantastic clear fountain pen from Herbin.

The transparent body gives this pen a modern, stylish look, making it ideal for everyday use. It’s also the perfect size to take everywhere – open the pen is 11.7cm long, and with the cap on it’s 13cm long, so it can easily tuck in your bag or pocket.

The barrel is clear so you can see the colour of your ink. It also comes with an in-built fountain pen ink converter so you can use it with your favourite Herbin fountain pen ink.

Note: ink not included.



Fountain pen with ink converter
11.7cm (l) capped, 13cm (l) cap posted
Medium nib
Refillable with Herbin Fountain Pen Ink, or any other fountain pen ink
Transparent plastic, stainless steel nib
Designed & made in France