Filmplast P90 Plus


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Long fibre paper tape
Self adhesive
pH of 8.5 on new tape, 7.8 on aged tape

Features and Benefits:

Relatively tear resistant special paper that is self adhesive on one side for restoring and joining documents and papers

Ideal for re-inserting torn out pages and for repairing damaged edges or for strengthening inside joints of paperbacks

Also suitable for hinging resin-coated photographic prints and some artworks

Buffered with calcium carbonate in order to neutralize acids that are released during natural paper aging

Coated on one side with a solvent free, age resistant and permanently elastic polyacrylate adhesive

Reversible with solvents
Non-ageing, non-yellowing
Acid free
Lignin free

Passes the Photographic Activity Test (safe for storage and display of photographs)