Etchr Hot Press Watercolour Postcards


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This pack includes 100 hot press paper postcards. These postcards are vegan friendly and use 220g acid-free, artist grade 100% cotton paper.

Etchr Watercolour Postcards are made with artist grade 100% cotton paper and are ready to paint on and send in the post.

Each postcard is made with Hot Press 230g acid-free, watercolour paper. These postcards are perfect for watercolour, ink, markers, acrylic and gouache – they use the same paper as Etchr Sketchbooks.

This pack includes 100 cold press paper postcards in a box. Each postcard measures 14.8 x 10.5cm. Etchr postcards are vegan friendly and are packaged in reusable bags to protect the surface of the paper.