Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground Titanium White 118ml


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It used to be that watercolour painters had few options beyond white paper or a few coloured boards. Now you can turn almost any surface into a toned or black ground for watercolour painting, as well as collage, pastels, pencils and mixed media work. Mars Black makes our Luminescent Watercolours pop and also provides an exciting, unexpected background for all your standard watercolour paints. Soft pastels, graphite and watercolour pencils show up beautifully on both the buff and black.
Apply the Watercolour Grounds straight from the container using a foam brush or a synthetic brush for a more textured finish. For the smoothest surface, apply very thin coats with foam brush, allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Curing: to allow watercolour ground to attain the correct degree of absorption, let watercolour ground dry and cure for at least 24 hours (depending on humidity) after the last coat. DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Grounds provide a surface to paint with your watercolours on most any substrate, and it is mixed media friendly. All DANIEL SMITH Watercolour Grounds have excellent lightfastness, are archival and give you more creative ways and surfaces to paint with watercolours!