Daniel Smith Red Jasper Genuine 15ml Tube


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The mineral for our Red Jasper Genuine comes from India’s Gwalior region and is coloured a rich red from iron. Historically it was often carved as amulets, vases and other decorative items.  India’s red jasper was one of stones used to beautifully embellish the Taj Mahal with other semi-precious stones that were carved and inlaid into the white marble in curvilinear flower forms. The flowers formed from red jasper are a vivid red and contrast beautifully with the green jade stems and leaves against the white marble.  Spiritually, red jasper is associated with the base or root chakra and helps to ground and energise/heal the body and provide balance and protection.

As a watercolour, Red Jasper Genuine is a lovely pinkish, cool brown in light washes and a medium reddish maroon in mass tone, think red cedar bark. Red Jasper Genuine is a wonderful colour for landscapes, birds like the male common chaffinch and reddish egret, as well as animals who have a medium to light reddish coat like the red panda.