Daniel Smith Gray Titanium 15ml Tube


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Single pigment Grey Titanium is a mid-tone warm grey with slightly yellow undertones, and is semi-transparent, granulating, non-staining and has excellent lightfastness. The colour and granulation make it wonderfully useful for dusty desert animals such as deer, elephants and tortoises, and for birds whose feathers offer good camouflage for blending into dry woodland, savanna and desert like the roadrunner and burrowing owl.  In landscapes, granulating Grey Titanium is beautiful for trees and shrubs whose trunks, branches and twigs are light coloured and textured.  Urban landscapes benefit from Grey Titanium as well with light washes suggesting concrete structures.  As a single pigment, Grey Titanium mixes wonderfully with other colours adding both warmth and softness due to its semi-transparent/semi-opaque characteristic.

SKU: 284600241
Pigment: PW 6 | Series: 1
Lightfastness: I-Excellent
Transparency: Semi-Transparent
Staining: 1-Non Staining
Granulation: Granulating