Daniel Smith Earth: Desert to Mountains 6 Half Pan Set


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Earth – Desert to Mountains Hand Poured Watercolour Half Pan Set has 3 unique* DANIEL SMITH colours plus 3 steadfast, earthy colours to take you from desert landscapes to rugged mountains, and even picturesque urban landscapes of stone, stucco, adobe and tile!

“Pigments that are warm and textured like the earth. The first thing I thought when I saw this set was textures of weathered buildings, streets paved in stone, terracotta rooftops and sun bleached doorways…beautiful cities built of stone and earth. It also brought to mind vast arid landscapes with dunes, rocky cliffs and deep gorges.

While the set is not intended to be a standalone palette (no blues) these paints were selected for their mixing ability and unique visual qualities, and are a great way to expand your colour collection.”  -Brenda Swenson

Hand Poured Watercolour Half Pan Set with 6 colours with BONUS travel case and 9 empty pans. Total quantity: 16 pieces.

The set includes these DANIEL SMITH Watercolours in Half Pans: ( * indicates colour unique to DANIEL SMITH.)

  • Buff Titanium*
  • Raw Sienna Light
  • Bronzite Genuine* (PrimaTek Watercolour)
  • Venetian Red
  • Burnt Sienna Light
  • Lunar Black*