Art Spectrum Oil Tasman Blue 40ml


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Art Spectrum® Tasman Blue

The Northern Hemisphere has its Cerulean Blue which suits the cooler skies. For Australian skies we recommend that the artist looks to the warmer, more vibrant Art Spectrum® Tasman Blue, a colour specially formulated to capture the unique light of the Southern skies.

The three pigments used in Art Spectrum® Tasman Blue combine to give a colour of great warmth and depth.

As sky colour reflects on leaves, water and other surfaces, we know you will find many uses for Art Spectrum® Tasman Blue.

As a mixing colour it allows a unique range of greens.

Try it with Art Spectrum® Australian Red Gold, Lilac, French Ultramarine or combine with Cerulean Blue for atmospheric skies.

PB15:3, PV23, PW6

Lightfastness ASTMI



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