Art Spectrum Oil Spectrum Clear 40ml


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Art Spectrum® Clear Oil paint is formulated as an oil paint, but without coloured pigments. With Art Spectrum® Clear Oil painting the integrity of each brush stroke is retained, which is not the case with most mediums which tend to level or smooth out brush strokes.  It can, however, be considered a medium because of the effects it helps create.  Art Spectrum® Clear Oil paint can reduce colours to pale tints without the use of whites or mediums.

  • Tremendous depth of colour is possible by painting wet into wet or in thin glazes
  • Oil Colours can be extended without loss of brilliance or structure
  • Opaque colours can be made transparent
  • As many Art Spectrum® colours are transparent, try making use of this quality by using Art Spectrum® Clear Oil paint instead of white.

Alumina Hydrate ground in sunflower oil

Lightfastness ASTM NT