Art Spectrum Oil Australian Red Gold 40ml


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From the oldest continent comes a new colour, a colour which seems to us to be the very essence of Australia itself.

Art Spectrum® Australian Red Gold has a remarkable range, from transparent yellow when applied thinly through to orange, translucent brown, reds and brown-red to a deep plumb red mass tone.

While it is a fiery and exciting colour, Art Spectrum® Australian Red Gold can be immediately controlled by a minute addition of any opaque colour. Due to its brilliance and light to dark characteristics it is a great choice for underpainting. Provides a wonderful addition to traditional earth colours.

When mixed with small amounts of other colours, particularly the transparent colours, offers a whole new range of colour possibilities. The cleanness of its colour enables a wide range of intermixing without mudiness. Being a complex of Quinacridones, Art Spectrum® Australian Red Gold is very permanent.

PR101, PY83, PR122, PV19

Lightfastness ASTMI