Art Spectrum Oil Flinders Blue Violet 150ml


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The browns of the Northern Hemisphere edge towards violet in the Southern light. In the Australian landscape violets are prolific. In deep shadows and light tree trunks there is a profusion of red or blue violets in subtle mixtures of white and earth colours.

The two Art Spectrum® Flinders Violets may be used against each other and/or intermixed. Used with whites or earth colours a whole range of peculiarly Australian hues are obtained. Both can be used in skies and clouds.

Violets are usually difficult to control because of their penetrating strength. With these two companion violets we have created colours which are easier to use and mix and yet remain permanent in the palest of glazes and tints. Named after the famous Flinders Ranges in South Australia, where these colours are at their most vibrant these two violets permeate our Australian Southern Hemisphere landscape.

Art Spectrum® Flinders Blue Violet is a violet which is easy to control, and remains permanent in the palest of glazes and tints. Mixes with Art Spectrum® Australian Red Gold to produce superb luminous greys.


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