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The Alchemist has a selection of easels, cutting matts, tapes, glassware, ceramic, paper and wooden palettes, colour wheels and so much more to get your studio set up right.



The Alchemist sources and stocks some of the best books an artist should ever read. A great source for technical and historical information, in-depth study of materials and advice for running your art practice as well as books for pure inspiration. If you’re looking for a special book that you just can’t find anywhere, we would be more than happy to order it in for you.



Got an artist in your life? Never sure what to get them for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just to say thank you? Or do you need a cheeky present for yourself?

The Alchemist can help! Find the perfect gift with our advice on artist materials or choose a unique gift that every artist will adore.

Still not sure? How about getting them ‘The Golden Ticket’? The Alchemist has gift vouchers available! Any amount and no expiration date, because that just wouldn’t be fair now would it!



The Alchemist carefully selects an excellent and unique range of stationary. Not just your regular old back to school, back to work, gotta do my taxes stationary, but fun stationary! So why settle for just practical?



Health and safety is no Joke! And whilst all artist materials are safe if handled, used and stored correctly, if not treated properly they can be dangerous.

The Alchemist recommends consulting a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on any product you use in your studio practice. Please contact the store if you would like a SDS on a product we stock.